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Vic Godard at 81 Renshaw. What could go wrong? That's right, nothing! A great evening's entertainment from a stalwart of the music scene. This was all that is great about nights out. Vic Godard with the mighty Subway Sect (band members also having been in other groups such as Spear Of Destiny and JoBoxers and more) and Johnny Britton (Orange Juice).This was, in all sense and purposes a 'super' group.
I have seen Vic a few times now and remember an infamous Bernie Connor birthday party where Vic suddenly decided to regale us with some of his own and his personal favourite poetry mid way through a set. Such a memorable night.
Here though, they simply produced a top quality set of songs, both old and new, including a cover of an Edwyn Collins song. Vic obviously worked with Edwyn and Johnny Britton previously on his and the Sects albums, such as “End Of The Surrey People' and 'Retrospective' amongst others. 30 cough! cough! years later in the music industry and Vic and the band are apparently getting better and better with age. I believe there may be some portraits locked away in attics somewhere! Vic has an easy approach to being on stage, talking to the audience and band as if you're all just round at his house having a cuppa and a chat. Yet it is the quality of his songs that gives you a glimpse into what makes Vic stand out amongst many of his peers.
This is not a man or a band that stood still and simply tours every 10 years celebrating an ok album that was once written. Releasing over 15 albums as well as many singles in that time they continue to evolve their sound from those early days of punk into finely crafted songsmiths that are confident enough to no longer worry or concern themselves with labels. They just write songs that stand easily with all of their own personal influences, from the plinky plonk, honky tonk London piano sound of dingy back room pubs, to late 70's anarchic driven tunes, to the class of jazz infused melodies and anything and everything that helps not only to create beautiful music, but also keeps them at the top of the game.
Simply excellence..